About Kas


Kas is a small historical town on the south coast of Turkey . It was one of the most important marine cities and wine production sites of the Lycian civilization and is now surrounded by rock tombs and ruins of the ancient city Antiphellos .

Kas Antiphellos  Right across from Kas , there is the Greek island Kastelorizo . It is only 3 miles ( 5 km ) away from Kas . There are daily excursions by boats to Kastelorizo and also to another antique city of Lycian Civilization the Kekova Island .

Kas Lycian Region Kas is the marriage of beauty and the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. In Kas , the center of the historic Lycian Region , the Taurus Mountains embrace the sea as they continue to the great depths of the Mediterranean . The area is rocky all around , which helps to keep the bay crystal clear .

Kas was once the site of an ancient city Antiphellos. Today the only remains of this Lycian city are the rock - cut tombs and sarcophagi. You can wander through the streets stopping to examine the souvenir shops that offer Turkish handicrafts , leather goods , silver items , cotton clothing , and handmade carpets . After shopping , stroll along the flower - lined Akdeniz Promenade or relax under the shade of a palm tree . There are many bars and restaurants in Kas that offer plenty of night life.

Once you decide to come to Kas , you must arrange your flight to the Dalaman or Antalya Airport . Kas is right between the two .150 km. from Dalaman and 180 km. from Antalya .