About us

'' In Our Home Let Love Abide , and Bless All Those Who Step Inside ... ''

Hideaway Hotel is run by a Turkish - Belgian couple , Ahmet and Marie .

Ahmet was born and raised in Kas . He loves his country and his hometown and plans to continue to live in Kas as long as he can !

Marie is Belgian ( from the French speaking part of Belgium ) and her first trip to Turkey dates back to 2005 .

Every year , we have hundreds of visitors who ask us ‘ What ’s your story ? ” “ Marie , what brought you to Kas ? ”

Well , here it is :

Ahmet and I met in Kas in 2005 when I was traveling through Turkey for the first time with two friends . At the time , I was staying in a small pension that was run by Ahmet , a pension that his parents first established  in the 1980's  when tourism started to develop in Kas . He has been  in the hospitality business since he was a child helping his parents run their pension . Later on he purchased a building in the same neighborhood , and created the “ Hideaway Hotel ” .

As for me , after many trips between Belgium and Kas , and later on between Kas and Ankara where I worked as a French teacher , in June 2007   I decided to move to Kas permanently and we started to run the business together .

As a couple , I think we bring great harmony and balance to the business . Ahmet is very knowledgeable about this area and loves to share his love for his hometown with other travelers . Being Turkish , he has this attitude of  “ nothing is impossible ” and often surprises me arranging things that I thought were impossible to do just by making a couple of phone calls !

As a former teacher and employee , I tried to bring my organizational and interactive skills to the business . We both love traveling over the world in the winter , and when we cannot travel because the hotel keeps us busy , we feel lucky to meet other travelers who want to share their stories and culture with us .


Of course ,we have been fortunate to have the same staff working with us for several years now and they share our aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible .

Can has been working with us for eight years now and manages the hotel in the winter when we are away .

Ayse ( in charge of breakfast ) has been with us for four years and cooks homemade traditional food , the exact same way her mum taught her to .

Our cleaner, has been working with us from the first day Ahmet opened the hotel , so we trust her 100% .

Mehmet has started to work with us 4 years ago and is happy to answer all your questions about this area.