Kas Diving

The dive sites of Kas belong to the Top 100 diving destinations worldwide . This is because this area have an high amount of underwater life , combined with very clear water (up to 40 meters visibility) and beautiful underwater landscapes . Diving in Kas often reminds you of ancient times : Many very old amphoras and other ancient relicts (many of them more than 2000 years old) are waiting for your discovery !

There are around 45 different dive sites , that are all reachable within 30 minutes starting from the harbour of Kas. Diving in Kas contains an huge amount of possibilities like wreck-diving , cave-diving , underwater canyons, a lot of stone reefs , swim-through & tunnels , night diving as well as underwater art exhibitions and many great places for swimming & snorkelling .
There are usually 2 dive trips a day . Sometimes , when it is a special, bit far away dive site , full daytrips are done as well . A few dive centres are offering also diving at their own house reef . Because the dive sites are not far away, the diving boats return to the harbour of Kas after each dive, which makes it easy for you in case, you just want to do one dive a day and do not "waste" all time being all day on the boat .
The marine life : Barracuda , Stingrays , Sea-Turtles , rare Sea Slugs & Nudibranches , Derides, Jack fishes , Soldier fishes , Octopuses , Cuttlefishes ( Sepia ) , Murray-Eels , Trumpet fishes, many kinds of Brasses as well as huge Groupers of several kinds and many more amazing underwater life forms are seen regularly in this area .  


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Scuba Diving Holiday Packages Diving Vacation in Kas Turkey

Our packages offer that include scuba-diving in one of our diving centres in Kas, airport transfer & accommodation in Kas . These packages are only suggestions - there are many different combinations possible and we of course would be pleased to make you an individual offer in case , you are looking for something different .
Please use our reservation form below to specify your special wishes (or ask us for details , different quotes etc.) .
Kas scuba diving holiday packages are calculated for 2 persons coming , but of course , single travellers or groups are welcome as well - please contact us to ask for special low season rates.
We of course can also arrange packages for families or small groups , where a few people dive and a few do not .